Professional Liability Insurance provides cover to specific professionals such as Accountants, Architects, Engineers, Doctors etc., in respect of their legal liability for committing professional error, negligence or omission, during the course of rendering the services. Depending on the type of profession, the insurance cover differs and in certain cases it includes or it is restricted to financial loss of clients and/or third party bodily injury and/or third party property damage.

Professional Liability Insurance is designed for individuals engaged in the following professions:

1.        Accountants and Auditors
2.        Architects
3.        Civil Engineers
4.        Mechanical or Electrical Engineers
5.        Doctors and other providers of medical or healthcare services
6.        Pharmacists

The insurance of doctors, pharmacists and other medical service providers is compulsory by legislation, following the introduction of the General Healthcare System (G.H.S.) and also, minimum limits of indemnity apply.